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Men Talking to Men


The following videos are based on discussions with over forty men who have been diagnosed and treated for prostate cancer. Information for those living with prostate cancer can be lacking, this video offers information to men with prostate cancer directly from men who have been through diagnosis, treatment and survivor ship.
The videos feature 10 men of different ages and background who volunteered to be interviewed. These men talk about their initial reaction to diagnosis, decision making and the side effects of treatment – they talk about the many questions they had, how they educated themselves and where they found support.
They share some of their most challenging experiences, as well as the highlights. They also share some of the lasting changes of their diagnosis, including how their day-to-day life has been affected and how relationships and their outlook on life have changed. They share lessons they have learned, what has helped them along their journey, and offer advice to others.
One contributer, the Honourable Jack Layton, passed away in 2011. We are honoured that he was able to share his personal story with us and know that his, and all the stories, will help others who are currently battling this disease.
We sincerely hope that this video answers some of your questions and is a helpful resource to you, or those close to you, on your journey in surviving prostate cancer.






Asking Questions & Educating Yourself


Why Me

Lows & Highs

Lasting Chances

Looking Forward/Looking Back